Trump warns of risk of World War III due to White House decisions

Trump saw the risk of World War III due to US decisions on Ukraine He pointed to a small amount of EU assistance to Ukraine

Donald Trump

The decisions of the US administration regarding Ukraine could lead to the outbreak of World War III, the US authorities should be “careful”, said former President Donald Trump. Broadcast of his speech to supporters at the meeting “Faith and Freedom” hosted C-Span in Nashville, Tennessee.

“We have to be careful because the way we manage this could end up in the next world war,”— Trump said (quote from RIA Novosti).

Trump repeated the assertion that the crisis in Ukraine would not have happened if he remained the President of the United States. He expressed confidence that the situation could turn into a third world war due to the decisions of the White House, noting: “we are allocating 40 billion in addition to the other 16 billion, it turns out 56 billion.” In his opinion, the assistance provided by Europe to Ukraine is only a small part of the support of the United States.

Previously, Trump has repeatedly criticized the current President Joe Biden, his administration and other presidents of the country for their policies, including— on relations with Russia. In late April, he argued that the United States and the world as a whole were at the most dangerous moment in history, and in May he said that the White House did not know how to interact with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which could lead to the death of “millions of people.”

The ex-president also called the current US authorities “complete lunatics” who are leading to the Third World War. “Despite all the weakness, cowardice and incompetence of Biden, he still has the opportunity to end this tragedy in Ukraine without involving Americans in a terrible and bloody war,” & mdash; Trump said.

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