Tyga – Tyga Freestyle | L.A. Leakers Freestyle #073 Lyrics

Nigga, call me a G.O.A.T., don’t call it a comeback
Seven million records, nine months, where Soulja at?
I could make the same song, bitches still play that
Run around saying that you made me, why you say that?
And I make them bitches flock to me like A.S.A.P
And I had to Amber Rose the top of the Maybach
AE, why they hate that? Where the Bay at?
Time is money, can’t let a broke bitch waste that
In L.A., them niggas be famous for a day
I don’t chase clout, I just pull in Chase Bank
I got taste kush indica, the shit so stank
A nigga sent me a song, thought that shit was a prank
And I mean it in a bad way
And your bitch hit me up every Saturday
And I’m busy with your friend, try another day, uh
I start my own wave then I ride the wave
Baby don’t be sassy, nothin’ don’t pass me
Diamond cross, baptist, pray to me, marry me
A non-superficial thing, can’t wait ’til we meet
Hunnid large for the verse, I done did three this week
Hot nigga, so close but he still out of reach
I pray the Lord my soul to keep, uh
Do what thou wilt, what you think?
Platinum first day, the album on creep

Said the album on creep
Yeah, LA leak, let that flow sink
Yeah, let that beat breath
Goddamn Thotiana do it on her knees, yeah

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