UAE and Saudi Arabia refuse to discuss oil production growth with Biden

The media report on the possible reasons for the countries' negative attitude towards Biden's proposal.

The heads of the UAE and Saudi Arabia refused to discuss the issue of increasing oil production by telephone with US President Joe Biden.

Recall that the issue was supposed to be considered against the backdrop of the US imposing a ban on the import of Russian oil, which led to a sharp rising prices.

According to RIA Novosti with reference to the American edition of the Wall Street Journal, Prince Mohammed bin Salman (Saudi Arabia) and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed (UAE) last week discussed the situation with Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky, but refused to speak with Biden.

According to the publication, heads of state – importers of oil, intend to adhere to the plan for oil production previously developed by the defense industry.

Recall that Russia leads the organization.

The concern of the countries, according to insider officials, is & # 8220; a restrained reaction & # 8221; from the United States to the missile strikes in Yemen, which were carried out by the Houthis. Second cause for alarm – the possible restoration of the nuclear agreement with Iran, which does not take into account the security interests of the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The latter country has separate conditions. So, she intends to get the United States to cancel lawsuits against her prince and obtain legal immunity from him.

Recall that the US president signed a decree on a complete ban on gas, oil and other energy sources from Russia on March 8.

According to TASS, Biden said he understood the impossibility of joining the ban on imports to allies among European countries.

He also said that Russian sanctions would lead to a further increase in gasoline prices in the United States , and urged to fight speculators, and also asked companies not to inflate fuel prices.

As Topnews wrote earlier, the United Kingdom announced the refusal of Russian oil and gas earlier.


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