Ukraine allowed the possibility of EU recognition of Russian Crimea

It was admitted in Ukraine that the migration crisis could benefit Russia in a number of political and economic issues. The current situation is capable of “ liberating '' The Kremlin from sanctions and change the West's attitude to the issue of Crimea's ownership.


According to the portal” Glavred “, Ukrainian military expert, reserve colonel Oleg Zhdanov suggested that the European Union could meet Russia halfway and recognize the results of the 2014 referendum on the annexation of Crimea.

According to the expert, this issue may” shift “in Moscow's favor by the background of the migration crisis on the border of Belarus and Poland, and in this case “Russia will be” on a white horse. “

” For Putin, the migration crisis is a multi-move. It has its own goals and objectives: to force Europe to certify and quickly launch Nord Stream 2, lift sanctions, recognize Crimea as Russian, “Zhdanov said.


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