USA, Germany, Britain and France discussed “Russian aggression”

The Foreign Ministers of the USA, Germany, France and Britain discussed the “containment” of Russia The Foreign Ministers discussed the possible consequences for Russia in the event of “further aggression” against Ukraine

Anthony Blinken (Evelyn Hockstein/AP)

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken discussed the situation around Ukraine and concerns over nuclear Iranian programs. He announced this on Twitter.

Blinken said that the topic of the conversation was activities to “ contain Russian aggression against Ukraine. '' “ We are united in our commitment to impose serious consequences and heavy costs in the event of further aggression, '' & mdash; he said.

The parties also discussed the upcoming format of the dialogue with Moscow, according to the statement of the German Foreign Ministry.

Moscow in mid-December sent Washington draft agreements on security guarantees for Russia and NATO. In particular, Moscow's initiative contains a requirement not to expand the alliance to the east and a ban on the inclusion of former USSR states in the bloc, as well as a ban on the deployment of military bases, servicemen and weapons on their territory.

If a refusal occurs, Moscow's response can be “very different,” admitted Russian President Vladimir Putin. In his opinion, Russia was “ pinned down '' to the red lines, “ beyond which there is nowhere to retreat. '' “It’s not even a line that we don’t want anyone to cross. The fact is that we have nowhere to go ', & mdash; he pointed out. Putin also spoke about concerns about the risk of missile systems appearing in Ukraine as they will be deployed close to Russia. “ Four to five minutes of flight time to Moscow. Well, where are we going to move now? They just drove us to the point where we have to tell them: stop! '' & Mdash; he concluded.

According to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko, Western countries must either take the proposals seriously or prepare for a “ military-technical alternative. '' Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov called Ukraine's accession to NATO a matter of “ life and death for us. ''

At the end of December, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg noted that representatives of the alliance never gave promises not to expand the bloc, as this is allowed by the charter of the organization. He pointed out that a compromise with Russia regarding Ukraine's membership is impossible, since the member states of the bloc and Kiev will be discussing joining the alliance. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba called Russia's demands humiliating.

Talks between Russia and the United States are scheduled for January 10, a representative of the American National Security Council said. Already on January 12, he added, a meeting of the Russia Council is expected & mdash; NATO, and a day later & mdash; negotiations between representatives of Moscow and the OSCE.

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