Vice Chancellor of Germany considers the reduction in gas supplies a sign of the work of sanctions

German Vice Chancellor Calls Cuts In Gas Supplies Sign Of Effective Sanctions Gas shortages appear in Germany, but cuts in supplies from Russia show that sanctions are working, Vice Chancellor said

Reduction in gas supplies from Russia can be considered an indicator of effective sanctions, German Vice Chancellor, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habeck said on RTL TV channel.

Russia receives money from the sale of fossil fuels, but sanctions limit the list of those goods and services , which Moscow can import, he noted.

Khabek suggested that Russia cannot acquire anything with the money from energy supplies. “If she no longer needs this money, then Russia can reduce gas supplies. It is also a sign that the sanctions are extremely effective,— the minister emphasized (quote from TASS).

He called gas a scarce commodity in Germany and said that Russia uses it as a weapon against the country.

Western countries have imposed unprecedented sanctions against Russia in response to the country's military operation in Ukraine. Among them is a ban on monetary relations with Russian individuals, legal entities and organizations.

June 14 Gazprom announced a reduction in gas supplies through the Nord Stream gas pipeline; from 167 million to 100 million cubic meters m per day. This happened due to the fact that the German company Siemens delayed the repair of gas pumping units of the Portovaya compressor station.

Siemens explained that gas turbines for Nord Stream Produced by Canada, they were delivered to Russia in 2009. One engine is undergoing refurbishment in Montreal, but the repaired turbines cannot be returned due to Canadian sanctions.

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Problems with gas transit also occurred due to the development of the overhaul life of gas pumping units and technical malfunctions of engines, which were revealed by Rostekhnadzor, Gazprom said.

The next day, the company decommissioned another gas turbine engine from the German company Siemens at the station «Portovaya», as the time between overhauls before the overhaul was ending. Since June 16, the plant's capacity has dropped to 67 million cubic meters. m of gas per day.

“From a technological point of view, the mechanical infrastructure of this pipeline is suffering because of the sanctions imposed by the European Union”,— Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

On June 23, Germany raised the emergency warning level for gas to the second. He suggests that utilities will be able to sell gas to businesses and households at high prices in order to reduce demand.

After that, Peskov said that Russia is strictly fulfilling all its obligations to supply gas to Germany.

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