“Victory is not beneficial to us”: how we are losing the great war in our country

An exhibition about the Nazis and their crimes, opened in the Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the project events and heroes of the International Military Tribunal, completed its active annual cycle.

At the very beginning, the result of the work was drawn in triumphant tones. It was planned to shake the journalist's ax and report cheerfully: they say, it was a glorious time to hunt for the Nazis. But it doesn't work that way. The project, which at the start seemed to be a march through the places of military glory of great ancestors along a generally understandable route, turned out to be completely different – difficult, sometimes even painful from the realization that many people dislike the theme of Victory, like an annoying buzz. As it turned out, there was no unity around the unconditional truth of Victory.

On the way there were enthusiasts, less often than we would like, and more often than expected, there were cynics, skeptics, businessmen and even victory-phobes. All those who either use this topic for their own purposes, or would prefer not to remember it even on holidays. about the past, about the war. It is especially difficult when nothing comes of it – because of departmental restrictions, interests, and sometimes the commercialization of historical memory. Here – the law, there – the price, here – the legal act, and also the property rights, and also the claims of the heirs, and also the complainants.

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