VNII GOChS announced the approach of an asteroid to Earth in 2029

The asteroid & nbsp; Apophis & nbsp; with a diameter of more than 300 meters will fly up to the Earth at a close distance in the spring of 2029, RIA Novosti was told at VNII GOChS (part of the Ministry of Emergency Situations). & nbsp;

According to According to the forecast, the approach to the orbit where the geostationary satellites are located will happen on April 13, 2029. & nbsp;

Experts note that the energy released during a possible collision of an asteroid with the Earth will amount to 1,717 megatons, which is 30 times more than the energy released during the explosion of the world's most powerful bomb tested in 1961.

As explained by the former head of the Center & nbsp; Antistikha & nbsp; Vladislav Bolov, an asteroid diameter of about one or two kilometers is a threshold for a global catastrophe, as well as added that the completeness of information about such space objects is estimated at less than 80%.

Earlier, NASA reported that two potentially dangerous asteroids are approaching the Earth, one of the celestial bodies the size of Big Ben will pass our planet January 11 at a distance nii 5.6 million kilometers.


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