Welt learned about the reduction of Germany’s arms supplies to Ukraine to a minimum

In two months, only two batches of weapons left for Ukraine, they contained small devices – mines, parts of machine guns, radios, hand grenades, detonators, the newspaper writes

Over the past nine weeks, Germany has reduced arms supplies to Ukraine to minimum, according to the newspaper Welt, citing documents in its possession.

According to the publication, since the end of March, Berlin has not delivered to Kyiv “at least some significant weapons.” Between March 30 and May 26, only two shipments of weapons were sent to Ukraine, and both contained only small devices, the newspaper writes. One, sent in mid-May, contained anti-tank mines, the other, which went to Ukraine a month earlier,— machine gun parts, detonators, radios, hand grenades, explosives and mines.

The German Ministry of Defense Welt declined to comment on the deliveries, citing secrecy.

The newspaper also reported that the Gepard tanks promised to Ukraine are delayed due to the fact that the Ukrainian military needs to be prepared to work with them.

On the delivery of 30 Gepards announced at the end of April. Later it became known that the first 15 cars would arrive in Ukraine no earlier than the end of July. According to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the delay was due to the need to prepare the tanks. However, Kyiv believes, writes Welt, citing sources in the Ukrainian government, that the delay is due to the training of the Ukrainian military. According to the newspaper, the training of the first 45 troops will begin no earlier than June 13 and end on July 22.

The second batch of tanks will arrive by the end of August, when the second group of military personnel will be prepared.

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The issue of arms supply is a source of tension in German relations and Ukraine. The Ukrainian authorities, including Andriy Melnyk, the ambassador to Germany, have repeatedly criticized Berlin for the lack of heavy weapons supplies. Melnik, in particular, stated that Berlin “just fails” Ukraine militarily.

In Germany, in turn, they stated that they were helping Ukraine, but could not satisfy all its desires militarily. “The point is not that Germany supplies nothing or too little. Correct— Berlin cannot fulfill all the desires of Ukraine»,— Robert Habek, Vice Chancellor of Germany, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection of Germany, spoke.

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