What do they do with “corrupt” real estate?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” № 45. Apples in the snow and vegetables too 10/11/2021

How many real estate convicted of corruption goes to the state? And what do they do with it?

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In 2021, 1,493 objects of property of officials were turned into state revenue. Most often, these are houses, apartments, land plots and cars, the acquisition of which the civil servant and his family members could not confirm with legal income. “ Alas, this procedure is not entirely perfect, & ndash; believes head of the National Anti-Corruption Committee Kirill Kabanov . & ndash; The confiscated property goes to the Federal & nbsp; Agency for State Property Management, after which not all transparent non-public appraisals and online sale of assets are carried out. In fact, this is an auction for your own people. There remains an opportunity for abuse: to evaluate something cheaper, sell it more expensive, and take the difference for yourself. The appraisal of objects is carried out by companies accredited by this agency. They may be associated with officials interested in underestimating the seized property. ''

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