What is known about the new concept of combating crime in Russia?

On January 1, 2022, the updated state program “ Ensuring public order and combating crime '' came into force in Russia. Changes were made to the program, which has been operating since April 2014.

What changes have been included in the program?

The document states that the main way to destabilize the socio-political and socio-economic situation in RF is becoming “ attracting various groups of the population to participate in uncoordinated public events (including protest actions), which are deliberately transformed into mass riots. ''

One of the priority challenges for the police in the context of the active development of new technologies has become the rapid growth in the number of crimes committed using information and telecommunication technologies, as well as an increase in the number of facts of “ destructive influence on minors through telecommunication networks. ''

What are the main goals of the new program?

The program contains the following goals :

& mdash; combating crime and increasing the efficiency of maintaining public order (ensuring a decrease in the share of grave and especially grave crimes committed in public places, in the total number of crimes to 5.27%, as well as a decrease in the level of undisclosed missing citizens in relation to 2021 to 95 , 9% in 2030);

& mdash; reduction of mortality as a result of road accidents by 2030 to a level not exceeding 4 people per 100 thousand of the population;

& mdash; ensuring the level of satisfaction of citizens with the quality of the provision of public services in the field of road safety and in the field of migration & mdash; not less than 90% annually.

The document also states that the goals of ensuring state and public security are, among other things, :

& mdash; protection of fundamental human and civil rights and freedoms;

& mdash; strengthening civil peace and harmony, political and social stability in society;

& mdash; improving the mechanisms of interaction between the state and & nbsp; civil society;

& mdash; strengthening law and order;

& mdash; rooting out corruption;

& mdash; protection of citizens and all forms of property;

& mdash; protection of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values ​​from unlawful encroachments.

The document also provides for the return to Russia by 2030 of compatriots living abroad under the voluntary resettlement program. At least half a million people are expected to do so.

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