White House announces Iran’s plans to transfer drones to Russia

US Presidential Adviser Sullivan: Iran Plans to Donate Drones to Russia /s0.rbk.ru/v6_top_pics/media/img/0/03/756575838352030.jpg” alt=”The White House announced Iran's plans to transfer drones to Russia” />

The United States has information that Iran plans to provide Russia with up to several hundred unmanned aerial vehicles. Jake Sullivan, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, told The Associated Press.

“Our information indicates that the Iranian government is preparing to provide Russia with up to several hundred unmanned aerial vehicles, including drones capable of carrying weapons, at an accelerated time,” he said.

According to Washington, Moscow is asking Tehran to provide it with weapon-capable drones for use in a special operation in Ukraine.

Iran is preparing not only to provide, but also train Russian troops to use their drones as early as July, Sullivan said.

In mid-June, Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov, who oversees the military-industrial complex, told RBC that the Russian Armed Forces “belatedly engaged” in introduction of unmanned vehicles.

At the same time, he stressed that Russia is developing dynamically in this direction. “We have almost all types of unmanned vehicles: reconnaissance, strike, tactical, operational and operational-tactical,” — said the Deputy Prime Minister.

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At the same time, in terms of their parameters, Russian drones are not inferior to Turkish ones and, in particular, the “widely advertised Bayraktar”, which the Ukrainian army purchased, he stressed.

According to Borisov, the defense industry will increase the mass production of drones.

Ukraine, in turn, uses American Switchblade and Phoenix Ghost drones in the combat area. Turkey supplies Bayraktar TB2 drones to Kiev, the cost of which, according to the publication , fluctuates between $1 million and $2 million, wrote Business Insider.

In addition, the United States was going to send MQ-1C Gray Eagle reconnaissance and strike drones to Ukraine, Reuters wrote, citing three sources. According to the agency, Kyiv requires the United States and its allies to supply the Ukrainian military with modern fighters instead of drones.

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