White House confirms Biden’s next term plans with Harris

White House: US President Joe Biden plans to run with Kamala Harris in 2024 By the 2024 elections, Biden will be 81 years old, but he does not intend to give up his intention to be re-elected

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

President of the United States Joe Biden still intends to run for the next presidential term, paired with Vice President Kamala Harris. According to CNN, this was stated by Deputy Press Secretary of the White House Karin Jean-Pierre.

“ I can't talk about the kind of conversations the vice president and the president have, I can only say & lt; … & gt; about what the president himself said: that he plans to participate in the presidential elections in 2024. I have nothing more to add to this', & mdash; said a spokesman for the presidential administration.

Jean-Pierre commented on an interview with Harris The Wall Street Journal, in which the Vice President of the United States said that she and Biden had not yet discussed whether he planned to run again. Harris explained that it is too early to think about it now, since only the first year of Biden's tenure in power is nearing the end. When asked, she suggested that Biden would run again, she replied, “I’ll be very honest: I don’t think about it, and we didn’t talk about it.”

Biden, 78, won the fall 2020 election, paired with Kamala Harris, a former California senator. Biden announced his plans to run for a second term back in March. By the 2024 elections, Biden will be 81. If he takes part in them and wins, he will renew his record, becoming the oldest US president in history for the second time. The Washington Post noted that not everyone in the Democratic Party supports Biden's new nomination due to a noticeable decrease in his rating, as well as his age.

Former President Donald Trump may become his potential rival in the 2024 elections. He has not yet stated unequivocally that he intends to again participate in the elections as a candidate for the highest office, but he said that he did not exclude such a possibility. In July, Trump, speaking about whether he plans to participate in the new presidential elections, said that he had already decided, but he would not disclose his decision yet. “ I know the answer, but I am not yet able to disclose it as it may affect campaign funding and other things. But I definitely know my answer, & raquo;, & mdash; said the ex-president then.

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