Who and when can demand the presentation of identity documents?

Russian legislation provides for certain rules for the processing of personal data. & nbsp; Separate federal laws have an indication of government officials and officials who have the right to check a passport and other identity documents. & nbsp;

Who has the right to check a passport and other identity documents?

The following employees and officials are entitled to ask for identity documents:

& bull; & nbsp; police officers and National Guard troops.

According to paragraph 2 of part 1 of Art. 13 FZ No. 3 'On the Police' and clause 4, part 1 of Art. 9 of the Federal Law No. 226 “ On the troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation '', police officers and national guards have the right to this, if they suspect a person of committing a crime, believe that he is on the wanted list, there is a reason to initiate an administrative offense case against this citizen, or there is a reason for his detention.

& bull; & nbsp; notaries.

According to Art. 42 of the Fundamentals of the Legislation of the Russian Federation on Notaries No. 4462-I, it is possible to establish the identity of a citizen who applied for a notarial act.

& bull; & nbsp; employees of state security bodies.

P. 3 tbsp. 15 FZ No. 57 'On State Protection' allows them to verify identity documents without specifying any conditions.

& bull; & nbsp; bailiffs.

Part 10 of Art. 65 FZ No. 229-FZ 'On Enforcement Proceedings' allows them to check identity documents if there is reason to believe that a citizen or his property is on the wanted list or he is holding a wanted child. & nbsp;

& bull; & nbsp; employees of federal executive bodies, executive bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and military administration bodies, if martial law is introduced on the territory (subparagraph 12, clause 2, article 7 of the Federal Constitutional Law No. 1 'On Martial Law').

In addition, the right to check identity documents is available to the bank's cashier employees, MFC employees, USE organizers, postal workers, public transport inspectors, employers.

The seller has the right to ask of the buyer of alcoholic and tobacco products, present a passport if he has doubts about the buyer's majority.

Can a security guard demand a passport?

Law of the Russian Federation No. 2487-I 'On Private Detective and Security Activities in the Russian Federation' does not explicitly provide for the right of private security guards to check identity documents. But they can ask the employee to present a passport, if it is specified in the Rules for Compliance with Intra-Facility and Passage Regimes as a document giving the right to enter or exit security objects. If the right to enter and exit is given by a permanent pass, then the request of the security guard to show the passport is redundant. Meanwhile, if the pass does not have a photo of its owner, the security guard still has the right to ask to show the document in order to compare the data indicated on the pass and in the passport.

A private security guard has no right to take a photocopy of the visitor's passport or enter data document in the visitor log. This contradicts the Federal Law “ On Personal Data. ''

But there are exceptions. Security guards can process personal data required for a one-time admission to the territory without using automation tools. Those. carry out actions with a person's personal data (clarify, use, distribute, destroy) with his direct participation. For example, visitors can, at the request of the security guard, dictate the necessary information to him or independently enter the data of the document into the forms or forms. In this case, the organization must also issue a local act, instruction, regulation or other document regulating the procedure for admitting to its territory. & Nbsp;

Can security guards demand to show passports when checking QR codes?

In many regions of the Russian Federation, there are decrees of local authorities that provide for access to cultural sites, restaurants, shopping centers and other places using QR codes coronavirus or vaccinated. In these cases, the owners of the premises are obliged to check the QR code at the entrance, reading it with a special device.

After reading, the QR code gives out a link to the first and last digits of the series and passport number and to the person's initials. Therefore, the guards need to check the person's passport to make sure that the code belongs to him.








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