Who will be buried in mass graves?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 52. What to prepare for the New Year's table? 12/29/2021

Why developed GOST on & nbsp; burial of corpses in & nbsp; mass graves?

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GOST on & nbsp; urgent burial in & nbsp; mass graves of people who died in the & nbsp; course of military conflicts or natural disasters in & nbsp; peacetime, developed in & nbsp; Ministry of Emergency Situations. The & nbsp; document spelled out the procedure for & nbsp; in the case of a large number of victims: for example, in a nuclear strike, natural disaster or epidemic. “ It is clear that times are troubling now, mortality is on the rise, & nbsp; & mdash; says Executive Director of the Union of Funeral Organizations and & nbsp; Crematoria Elena Andreeva . & mdash; & nbsp; Government agencies must be ready for & nbsp; any development of events, and & nbsp; for this it is necessary to improve legislation. However, after getting acquainted with the & nbsp; new GOST, experts in the & nbsp; field of funeral business were surprised. Why does the & nbsp; new standard speak of & nbsp; emergency burials in & nbsp; mass graves in & nbsp; peacetime? There are in the & nbsp; document and & nbsp; other controversial points. It is surprising and & nbsp; that GOST was developed in & nbsp; closed mode without the involvement of the professional community. ''

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