Why are planes painted white?

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“ No, it's not about the & nbsp; weight of the white paint. She began to be given preference because of the temperature regime in the & nbsp; salon, & nbsp; & ndash; explains veteran of civil aviation, commander of Tu-154, pilot & shy; IL-86 Oleg Serov . & nbsp; & ndash; White reflects the sun's rays well, and dark tones absorb them. In & nbsp; such liners, when they are at the & nbsp; airfield, there will be a real sauna in the & nbsp; heat. Plus, in a plane crash, light debris is easier to spot. ''

At & nbsp; an altitude of 10 km, the & nbsp; fuselage is affected by differences from & nbsp; & ndash; 65 to & nbsp; +45 degrees. In the & nbsp; dark self & shy; years, the difference would be even greater. From & nbsp; constant heating and & nbsp; cooling, the metal expands and & nbsp; contracts, which leads to & nbsp; the appearance of microcracks. The paint on & nbsp; colored airplanes has to be updated more often & nbsp; & ndash; they burn out. In addition, fuel and & nbsp; oil leaks, scratches and & nbsp; dents are better visible on a white background, which greatly facilitates maintenance and & nbsp; repair of the machine.

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