Why are there fewer newborns in maternity hospitals?

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Number of children conceived at the beginning of the first lockdowns in 2020 in Russia and Europe and born in January-February 2021, 10% less than a year earlier.

Demographic results for 2021  will not be positive either.

Ekaterina Donskikh, director of the AiF Charitable Foundation. Kind heart», mother of four children:

– “Just don't give birth on New Year's Eve”,  – I said to myself. Everything really happened before. But what I saw in the maternity hospital amazed me. Chamber, equipment, personnel qualification – at a decent level. And & nbsp; here's who I  didn't see there, so it's women in labor. «Little, oh, how little they give birth!» – midwives and pediatricians lamented.

Ten years ago, everything was packed here, the beds stood in the corridor, where expectant mothers waited their turn. And since 2015, as statistics show, the birth rate in Russia is going down. The demo & shy; graphic pit of 1990 & ndash; 1997 & nbsp; But researchers say that this small generation is also pushing back the creation of a ­family. In priority they personal life and career. The President, at the last press conference, explained the low birth rate with this shift in values. 

Some sociologists predicted that after the lockdown there would be a baby boom, but in reality, after the restrictions were lifted, it was much more common for spouses to run away for divorce than go to maternity hospitals. And someone was in no hurry with procreation for completely understandable fear for health­e. However, the coronavirus has been with us for two years, and it is not known how long it will linger. So the question is: has the pandemic become a real reason or just a reason not to plan a replenishment
in the family?

Yes, the government is doing a lot to support young families: increasing birth payments, expanding the use of maternity capital, subsidized mortgage. This is a good help for those who have already decided to become parents. But they are unlikely to be able to change the opinion of those who decided to wait for “better times”. And I really want to ask those who are waiting: are you sure that in this expectation you will not miss the chance to become happy? After all, the race for career and pleasure has no finish line. And here is the biological time allotted to us, of course. And there is very little of it. Is it necessary to spend it so ­meanly? 

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