Why do patterns appear on glass?

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Where does the floral pattern come from in the cold on glass?

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& mdash; & nbsp; These patterns really form due to frost. More precisely, due to the temperature difference inside the room and & nbsp; outside, & nbsp; & mdash; explained the polar explorer Valery Lukin, who led the Russian Antarctic expedition for many years . & mdash; & nbsp; Moisture that condenses on & nbsp; glass freezes unevenly: & laquo; pattern & raquo; depends on the & nbsp; thickness and & nbsp; cleanliness of glass, minor defects, scratches and & nbsp; etc. Ice crystals form along the scratch, forming a strip, then “ stems '' branch off from it. The process starts from the & nbsp; bottom of the glass, where more moisture collects, therefore the “ woody '' the drawing is larger there, and & nbsp; at the top it is & nbsp; smaller. Conditions in the & nbsp; room and & nbsp; on & nbsp; street are changeable: temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed change. Therefore, & nbsp; & quot; vegetable & quot; patterns are always different.

At the same time, many have probably noticed that frosty patterns are almost not formed on high-quality plastic windows. This is due to & nbsp; the fact that & nbsp; they have good thermal insulation properties, they do not & nbsp; & nbsp; & quot; breathe & quot; therefore, & nbsp; condensation with & nbsp; crystallization on & nbsp; them proceeds worse.

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