WSJ learned about the supply of Patriot air defense systems from the United States to Saudi Arabia

US supplies Saudi Arabia with Patriot air defense systems to defend against Houthis Saudi Arabia's stock of interceptor missiles for air defense systems began to run out amid increased attacks from Houthi rebels

US supplied Saudi Arabia with 'significant amount' Patriot air defense systems amid increased attacks on the kingdom by Houthi rebels from Yemen, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources.

Patriot air defense systems have been redeployed over the past month, unnamed senior officials told the publication American officials. The shipment should provide Saudi Arabia with defensive resources to repel missile attacks and counter Houthi drones, the newspaper notes.

Saudi Arabia's urgent request to help resupply interceptor missiles for its air defense system was reported in January by The Financial Times. At the time, newspaper sources said that US President Joe Biden supported the transfer of missiles from the Persian Gulf, as Saudi stocks could run out within a few months, given the increase in attacks from the Houthis.

Rebels- The Houthis have been fighting government forces in Yemen since 2014. In 2015, several Arab countries formed an anti-insurgency coalition led by Saudi Arabia. They launched airstrikes on Yemeni settlements and Houthi positions. In response, the rebels began to attack Saudi Arabia.

One of the most serious episodes in this confrontation was the attack on the facilities of the Saudi Aramco oil company in September 2019, during which drones and cruise missiles were used. The Houthis claimed responsibility, but Riyadh believed that Iran could be involved in the attack, since Iranian drones were used in the attack.

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