YMA4 – Just In Time lyrics

[Verse: 1 young mahasi]
Yeah am in my zone
The hottest spot where am killing and you find all your bone
Taking things slow murdering beat with my greatest flow
Well you know about
Dfc flowing straight to the microphone
Working on my hours playing with a smartphones
Responds of my work that you listening to
I’m the best in the music that you lining on
When I see white woman I see my white coupe
Now my man I will have to deal with the black suit
Hilly have to dise niggas, gon’ back node
Under shit, underground music to niggaz when they leaving
They ain’t even nanny state
I will have to put my work overtime,
I gotta put the world work in the old ways
Now I will have to be different I will take things slow
B. F. F is ready nigga get your own copy

[Verse: 2 A4]
I told my mama to believe me
I told my mama am doing rap am the big kid
We all wanna be the same, it’s impossible
Last night I had a dream, I was feeling dying
I realize it was only just a dream but the dreams come true
We know,
I don’t compete with my life
I’m only dominating
I am fucking freaky to my nurses, am dreaming big
Ain’t got time to see you,
I’m so ambitious
Now am case is closed I’m talking it slowly
Yet I saw a girl passing on my street, then I tried to greet
But she kept the distance, South Side the greatest team
We untouchable
I’m talking parable
No terms now am living good
Am living good life

[Verse: 3 young mahasi]
Feed me with the rappers that you think are the best
I don’t even care I won’t even chew them
I have to let you know they doesn’t even cause any problem to my stomach
Cause I don’t event
Now I have to deal with these rappers that you man in made
Young Mahasi trnna eat everybody
I’m a man, A4 the greatest rapper
Listen to what he’s gonna say
Get them 4

[Verse: 4 A4]
I’m the aviator on my homies in the sky
I call my team mate nine
Homies am using sky
Last breathe in my in my life that’s a hidden line
Welcome to the world, the world of fake homies
They hiding evil spirit, pretending to be good
Praying everyday doesn’t make you a christen
No loop holes, I put my life
I’m free everybody keep your hands clean

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