YMA4 – Release Me (Remix) lyrics

[Hook: X2]
Why won’t I release me?

[Verse: 1 young mahasi]
I’m back for this shit, I wanna be released
I can’t live like am driving in the darkness
Whereas the rest of my niggas celebrating on the light
This life is burning lot hearts, but my heart fights heat
I gotta take a stand so you can free my self
Yeah, Mr Leader man
I didn’t know this life’s bad as good
I gotta to put myself together am living this shit
And am

[Bridge: veela]
Fighting our line so great [X4]

[Verse: 2 A4]
It wasn’t love bitch it was only sex
I used to love you more than anybody
Good times has changed you see them
We only lift in memories girl
I remember all the tickles and the smiles that we had
It was good back then, but life it’s like a boundary
We separate and meet again, only if we meant to be
Believe that
Release me from your heart
I don’t belong to you anymore

[Verse: 3 veela]
Cause I’m a mess, can’t get out of my head
And the way you brought progress
Can’t never get a hand
I never wanted this don’t even recognize myself stealing my thoughts
And I’m stressed, feeling all the pressure
And I restored this, sucking guest the out feed
To continue it, and be the sea-wavy forever
So stealing my thoughts

[Verse: 4 yma4]
I just wanna be released
My niggas used to say Hah-hah
Mahasi get out
That’s when 4 said
Just hang in there, and show them what you got for them
Veela I got what uyo saying, you’re not insane
Mahasi live for you, Ey you got my brains
Look how am struggling hey,
I am living main
Pain of your knowledge damn
Release me
You dead to me rest in peace I’ll meet you at your funeral
I’ve had enough about you, never ask me how
I know nothing, somehow I hated you
We intimate you all together,
I wish I could ultimate you, with immediate
You make me nauseating, am not offending
That’s a fact even court can judge that
Truth hurts and we both know
Close your legs and stop chasing men

[Hook: 2 veela]
Why won’t I release me?
Is getting rough cause of my mind far from sample
And I released me (Yeah, I just wanna be released)
Is getting rough cause of my mind far from sample (I’m just tired living like this)
Far from sample (Yeah, Ha-ha)
Release me, release me
(How boring it is to live like somebody who ain’t understand how you live?)
(I had enough about you)
(I just wanna be released) (Yeah)
(Remember, always keep to your senses)
(Just wanna be released, and do it right)

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