Yn Jay – Hahaha Lyrics (feat. Lil Yachty)

[Intro: YN Jay]
(Yeah, Baby, you did this one)

[Verse 1: YN Jay]
I got a gun so big, I bet I could stop time if I shoot this bitch
An eight ball so motherf*ckin’—
I got an eight ball, yeah, this shit straight drop
She gon’ drop dead [?] this bitch
Nigga tried kill his bitch—, damn
Nigga tried to domestic violence
Escalade with two [?], I’m finna shoot this bitch
[?] ’em down, two point conversion, I’ma poont this bitch
Damn, I mean punt this bitch
Freak bitch ain’t never had sex—, ah
Freak bitch ain’t never had good dick, I’m finna hump this bitch
Naw, I don’t really wanna f*ck, bitch, suck this dick
Freak bitch—, damn
Freak bitch forgot to put on f*ckin’ deodorant and came out on some musty shit
Bitch walk around with winkled feet on some crusty shit
[?] you bad on some dusty shit
Nigga pulled up in an old school, but it was really old school on some rusty shit
Switch my MAC around, it’s a double clip
I done came through with the bundle clip
WWE, I’m on some rumble shit
If you don’t like me, I’m on some “f*ck you” shit
If I pull my gun out, I’ma bust you quick
Boomin’ Westbrook, on my Russell shit
Damn, I had a whole motherf*ckin’ street slapper
Baby on the track, got the beat slappin’
Ready for app—, damn, aight
Ready for applause, got my heat clappin’
Ready for the f*ckin’ studio, I keep rappin’
f*ck the rap game, I keep trappin’
Trap house beat out, I keep slappin’
Bitch suckin’ dick all not, got her knees ashy

[Bridge: YN Jay & Lil Yachty]
Hahahaha, hahaha, hahahaha

[Verse 2: Lil Yachty]
In the name of the Lord, we need all the M’s (Go)
Can’t stripe them blue hundreds, I put [?]
Hundred twenty thousand dollars, certified gem
All the ball hard head niggas Crimson Chin (Boom)
I done took a few L’s, but I was born to win (Slatt)
Really what I rap, ask those who swore me in (Blttt)
We ain’t really seen ’em, all you sure you swore you came
Must’ve ate for long, how’s gang starvin’?
f*ck my ho’s [?] skip class (Come on)
Really should’ve been at ICU how I sip glass (Boom)
Bullets get to flyin’, bet the biggest one run fast
I’ve been talkin’ Maybach’s and contracts (Go)
Was 17 usin’ big Benz for Door Dash
Couldn’t get a rack, now I’m thankful [?] cash
My brother smiled when he greet his child, he grew up fowl (Yeah)
Pray to God he stay up out the streets for a little while (Yes)
Gave mama forty K the other day, I need a new problem
My sister want a new car, my poppa want a new gun
I’m bustin’ in my shorty every time I want a new son (Yes)
I’m grippin’ this bitch hell again, now she need a new bun
I used to be the joke that people spoke, I think that we won
We pull up fifty deep that ain’t the way, they like “What he on?”
A million [?] young niggas still get those P’s gone
I never sip on drank around people when he gone

[Outro: Lil Yachty]
It’s time, put that shit up

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