Young Pappy – Dont Sleep On Me Part 2 Lyrics

2 Cups
Don’t sleep on me

Bandana, bandana, when he say bandana
Say double G, I done told motherfuckers not to fuck with me
Everything designer, I be designed up
(What else?) I got bags, bitch
But nigga everybody got bags, bitch
And nigga everybody gone jagg, bitch
Trues off my ass they saggin’
(What else?) I’m from the pole, homie
That’s where it’s cold, you will get froze, homie
Niggas know and bitches know, homie
We’ll blow a nigga down if we don’t know homie
(let’s get it)
I came to wake niggas up
(For what?) Cause they sleep on us
And bitch we the shit but we don’t flush
Going hard till they put them white sheets on us
Spot a opp, drop a opp don’t blink, just bust
Smoke loud, real loud, that stank, that must
And niggas hate me cause I can’t be touched
And I love getting money so it can’t be lust (right?)
You damn right about that
If a nigga want smoke, I’ll light a bitch hat
And you will get whacked, know I’m right about that
I result to the pipe, I don’t fight about jack
And I ain’t got time for a bitch right now
I’m getting money that it don’t make sense right now
A lot of these niggas wanna bang with us
You tryna hang with us and get rich right now
(Freaky) I’m smoking on some hating shit
Got me chilling like a villain on some lazy shit
And this money make a nigga do some crazy shit
So I’m crazy in love with that crazy bitch
I go and get it cause a nigga never gave me shit
I got dumb money cause I wasn’t raised with it
I got a K, when I spray I don’t aim for shit
Cause I’m a real nigga, boy I wouldn’t change for shit
And I’m riding round my side of town
Them hoes see a nigga stuntin’ so they bring me down
Rock jeans on my ass, they saggin’ down
Lot of cash, lot of bags, I ain’t bragging now
I got goons that’ll blow when it come to a nigga
Opps see me and they know, better run from a nigga
I don’t write, just spit, when it come to a nigga
Got a canon like Nick, put a drum to a nigga
And PBG, that’s my clique
I just made a DVD with your bitch
That hoe like EVE, she so thick
You go home and give her a kiss, she so slick
Boy I got everything that you want
And I got everything that you got
You fuck niggas imitating my swag
Because I’m everything that you’re not, Goofy!

Fuck wrong with these fuck ass niggas man?
I do this shit for bro
That’s 2 cups
2 Cups, The Mixtape Part 1
This what niggas been waiting on right?
Aha! Bandana
Ain’t shit change man we still here
It’s the fucking guys in my fucking eyes
Lil nigga

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